Our Exhibitions

Major Exhibitions

From the Roots of the Abraham Exhibition

Present exhibition celebrating commonalities between the three major Abrahamic traditions.

Hajj Exhibition

2012 Exhibition depicting the sacred Muslim pilgrimage in its physical and spiritual aspects.

Qur'an Exhibition

2011 Exhibition honouring the scripture held sacred by Muslims across space and time.

Islamic Art Exhibitions

"Flip the Pages" Art Book Exhibition

2019 Display of a collection of coffee table books about Islamic Art and Architecture.

Quranic Art Exhibition

2013 Islamic calligraphy exhibition featuring the work of an innovative artist from India named Salva Rasool.

Karbala Through My Eyes

2011 Art competition where kids of various ages submitted artwork depicting scenes from the Karbala Tragedy.

Khoja Heritage Exhibitions

Khoja Spaces Exhibition

2017 Exhibition showing spaces created by the Khoja Ithna Ashari community as it established itself across the globe.

Khoja Sports Exhibition

2015 Exhibition recognizing the place of sports in the Khoja community.


Naqiya Abdulrasul – Project Manager

Salma Alibhai – Designer

Fatima Jessa – Lead Content Creator

Fatima Alibhai – Content Liason

Sukaina Panju – Content Liason

Zehra Jaffer – Content Liason

Hasnain Karim – Motion Media

Dr. Hasnain Walji – Director of MARC


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