elixir_of_loveTitle : The Elixir of Love
Subtitle :
 Shaykh Rajab Ali Khayyat
Author : 
Ayatullah Mohammed Reyshahri
Language : 

This book was written in the memory of Shaikh Rajab Ali Khayyat. It includes spiritual lessons on the love of Allah (swt) from the life of this 20th century spiritual exemplar in the form of anecdotes from his life and practical ethical advice for living a spiritual life.The book was prepared after arranging interviews with the Shaikh’s devotees. The significant and instructive points were extracted from the dialogues and categorized in four parts: Traits, A Leap Forward, Self-Building; and Passing Away. The book was organized to draw attention to the spiritual character of the devoted gnostic, secrets of his spiritual achievements, and his method of self-improvement.From the foreword of the book: . . . introducing the spiritual virtues and perfection of the reverend Shaykh in itself is a task that cannot be carried out by such books as the present volume and the like. The deepest impact that writing his radiant biography can leave would be by illuminating the general features of the reverend Shaykh’s life, secret of his attaining the high spiritual stations of those endowed with Divine Knowledge, and his way in education and self-building.

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