Title : The Spread of Islam
Subtitle : The Contributing Factors
Author : A. Ezzati
Language : English
ISBN: 1 904063 01 2


Islam is one of the world’s major religions. Its continued success, from the early days up to the present, during the course of 14 centuries, is due to a multitude of spiritual, religious, intellectual, moral and ethical factors. The course of its development, and the factors contributing to its spread took place in the full light of history and can be fully substantiated by authentic documents. We know as much about the Prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, Islam and its spread, as we do about any person, book or phenomenon in history. A scholar or reader does not therefore need to resort to assumptions, legend and mythology.

The Spread of Islam: the Contributing Factors, now in its fourth revised edition, helps the reader to understand the processes involved in the early spread of Islam, a religion that numbers countless adherents, in different parts of the world and among various nations, peoples and races. It is a fairly comprehensive introduction to the history of Islam, dealing mainly with the major factors contributing to its spread. This book has been translated into several languages, including Turkish, Persian, Arabic and Hausa.

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