Who are the Khojas?


The “Khojas” are a group of people originating from the Gujarat province of India who converted to Islam from about the 13th century onward. Today they are a diverse population living worldwide, of many different nationalities. MARC works to make knowledge about the history of this community available to both Khojas themselves who want to learn about their roots and to non-Khojas who are interested in learning about the Khoja people. Scroll down to watch a presentation about the history of the community.


How does MARC work to preserve the heritage of the Khoja community?


MARC collects, preserves and makes available heritage Khoja texts


MARC houses a permanent wing dedicated to Khoja history


MARC hosts short-term exhibitions highlighting aspects of Khoja heritage


MARC produces and publishes works to increase knowledge about Khoja history


MARC sponsors academic research in Khoja Studies

Production and Publication

The Khojas: A Journey of Faith

This documentary increases our insight about the history of the Khoja Community and takes the viewer on a journey to India, East Africa and other parts of the world.

The Endangered Species

This book, written by historian Hassan Ali M. Jaffer, explains the events that have shaped the history of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Ashari community and brought it to where it is today.

Enjoy this brief powerpoint presentation about how the Khoja community evolved and progressed. The presentation touches upon the origin of the name Khoja, the path of religious conversions, certain momentous events in the life of the early community of converts, the migration of the community, the formation of various continent-wide Khoja federations and the World Federation, and a vision moving forward.

The Khoja Symposium 2015

“Meeting the challenges of the day with a spirit of revitalizing Islamic values while keeping our cultural identity befitting the needs of time.”


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