The focus of MARC TV is to promote interfaith and intrafaith discussions.
Broadcasting began on Sunday November 8, 2015. It aired for 10 weeks.




Playlist - All Episodes of Conversations with Authors
Episode 1 - Peace and Harmony Amongst Faiths part 1
The first episode features Dr. Hasnain Walji in conversation with Dr. Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour and Dr. Hamid Slimi on the subject of peace and harmony between Muslims. The interviewees share their thoughts on tolerance vs. acceptance, what the Prophet’s comments would be on today’s society, and moving away from the labels of Sunni and Shia.
Episode 2 - Peace and Harmony Amongst Faiths part 2
The second episode reviews highlights from episode 1 and then continues as the interviewees answer questions posed by the audience. Dr. Bahmanpour and Dr. Slimi comment about the ignorance among Muslims about the spirit of religion and other matters, which leads to wrong behaviour, wrong beliefs and divisions. They also speak about how to encourage and facilitate the coming together of Muslims.
Episode 3 - Religiophobia part 1
The third episode is the first of three on the subject of “religiophobia.” Clips are from a panel discussion held at marc. The first panelist, Dr. Karen Mock describes religiophobia as discrimination on the basis of faith and spoke about reasonable religious accommodation. The second panelist, Susan Harrison, speaks about the Mennonite experience and interfaith dialogue. She highlights the misconception that people of faith cannot be critical thinkers, and building relationships by participating in activities together. Dr. Liyakat Takim speaks about the problem of comparing the ideals of one group with the realities of another group rather than comparing “apples and apples,” stereotypes in the media, and common values. Ms. Kim Wheatly speaks about the indigenous experience and its similarity with the Muslim experience.
Episode 4 - Religiophobia part 2
The fourth episode contains a discussion with all the panelists featured in episode 3 about decreasing religiophobia by affecting what is taught in schools, watching diverse media, and having joint activities and opportunities for dialogue. Also discussed is the appropriate and inappropriate use of labels of intolerance.
Episode 5 - Religiophobia part 3
In the fifth episode, which is the last episode on religiophobia, Ms. Deepa Mattoo speaks about not equating groups when there are differences, reporting acts of discrimination, and voicing dissent when appropriate. Nasir Khan Syed talks about the historical development of islamophobia and the importance of political involvement. Rick Salutin talks about religiophobia as being fear of the hostile other, and positive things that have emerged in times of religious hostility. Dr. Walji concludes by speaking about social justice.
Episode 6 - The Roots of Abraham part 1
The sixth and seventh episodes feature the MARC-hosted exhibition entitled From the Roots of Abraham which was inaugurated in September 2014, and celebrates the commonalities of the three Abrahamic faiths. The sixth episode features interviews from members of the exhibition’s development team as well as visitors at the exhibition’s opening ceremony, from different faiths. Insight is provided into what went into producing the exhibition and the experiences of visitors who came to see it.
Episode 7 - The Roots of Abraham part 2
The sixth and seventh episodes feature the MARC-hosted exhibition entitled From the Roots of Abraham which was inaugurated in September 2014, and celebrates the commonalities of the three Abrahamic faiths. The seventh episode takes the audience on a walkthrough of the content of the Roots of Abraham exhibition. A portion of the video feed shown in the exhibition is also sampled. The episode concludes with more clips of interviews of those who have visited the exhibition.
Episode 8 - The Khoja Documentary
The eighth episode provides a clip from the documentary The Khojas – A Journey of Faith which was produced by MARC and directed by Dr. Hasnain Walji. The excerpt shown here touches on the origin of the Khojas, the Agha Khan case, the history of religious conversion and migration of the community, the place of women, prominent Khoja personalities, the Khoja community today, and thoughts about the future.
Episode 9 - Empowering Canadian Muslims
The ninth episode is a response to recent incidents of violence against Muslims in Canada. Fatima Sajan interviews Ihsaan Gardee, representative of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM). Mr. Gardee speaks about the activities of the NCCM, the evolution of Islamophobia since September 11th, support received by the Muslim community in response to the hate crimes against it, the similarity of Canadian Muslims to the wider Canadian community, the importance of participating in elections, and documenting hate-crimes.
Episode 10 - Jesus in Islam
The tenth episode is about the place of Jesus and Mary (peace be upon them) in the religion of Islam. Several different scholars talk about these sanctified individuals and clips are shown from Muslim-made multimedia depicting scenes from their lives. Some of the themes mentioned are Mary’s conversing with angels and receiving food from heaven, the virgin birth of Jesus, the virtues of Jesus, his disciples, his ascension into heaven, the overall status of Jesus and Mary, and the importance today of Muslims and Christians working together in peace.



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