The MARC team collaborated with the Al-Wahda Sports Festival Committee to bring about a historical exhibition depicting prominent Khoja Sports Personalities. This Exhibition took place in Toronto in September 2015 during the Labour Day weekend. The exhibition featured some Khoja sports heroes from the past and present, who were involved in introducing sports to the Khoja community, establishing a foundation of club premises, or who excelled at sports activities at city, national, or international levels.

Upstairs, large banners depicted famous sporting figures and other banners showed a timeline of sports achievements in East Africa and other parts of the world. Downstairs, a wall of fame honoured sports personalities and clubs. On the other side artifacts were displayed along with video clips and a unique documentary about a sporting hero, Abbas Syed. The main purpose of the exhibition was to assist in creating international brotherhood and sisterhood. At the same time, an exhibition like this aims to inspire the budding stars of tomorrow.

In featuring sports in the Khoja community, this exhibition recognized the place that sports have played in the evolution of the Khoja community. Sports have assisted in creating and maintaining community cohesion. Sports events have also helped molded individuals and helped breed community leaders and volunteers. Many a sports secretary or club president later went on to become a leader in the Khoja community.

You can view images of the exhibition below:

The video featured here is a brief documentary that gives an overview of the exhibition.

Other videos clips of individual interviews that were pre-recorded and aired at the exhibition are available for viewing on the Khoja Sports YouTube channel.