Title : 101 Ways to Concentrate in Prayer
Author : Dr. Ali Al-Hilli
Language : English
ISBN: 978-1-908110-21-3

This is an excellent book filled with strategies and ideas for those who are seeking to improve their ability to concentrate in Salat. The book begins with some background about why we worship Allah and the benefits of prayer. In the next chapter the author walks the reader through some of the prerequisites on the level of ethics, action and intention without which he says concentration in prayer is not possible. Then there are practical measures that the individual about to pray can undertake to prepare for the salat. Many more strategies and pointers are given to aid concentration during the prayer itself. There are even things one can do after the prayer and during one’s daily life which can aid with prayer physically, mentally and spiritually. Surely this treasure of a book contains something which could benefit all who pick it up!

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