Title: 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World
Author : Salim T. S. Al- Hassani
Language : English
ISBN: 978-0-9552486-1-8

What do coffee beans, torpedoes, surgical supplies, arches and observatories all have in common? Were Leonardo Da Vinci’s flight ideas originals? Who devised the casing for pill capsules and where did Fibonacci learn to flex his mathematical figures?

All these answers are found here in 1001 inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World, written in accessible style for those with limited knowledge of either Islam or history. A golden age of civilization, from 600 and 1600 CE, will unfold, because medieval Muslims were trailblazers in fields as diverse as medicine and mechanics, cartography and chemistry, education and engineering, architecture and astronomy.  No area was too obscure to miss the scrutiny of enquiry backed up by rigid scientific experimentation.

So get comfortable with this guidebook and prepare to begin on a voyage of discovery through a thousand years of science and technology into the lives of medieval pioneers whose ingenious inventions have helped created our world today.

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