Title: Qunoot
Subtitle : Dua’-as from the Holy Qur’an
Language : English

This little handbook is a gem of a collection of prayers that can be recited during the qunoot of salat or at other times. The book begins with narrations from Imam Ali (as) encouraging people to make supplications to God. It then contains some brief etiquette on the method of reciting duas.

The longest section of the book contains prayers compiled from the Holy Qur’an as recited by Prophets and other personalities or as suggested to be appropriate for believers. Some of the supplications are of a general nature and others are more appropriate for specific situations.

The last section of the book contains a list of the names of Allah with many diverse and fascinating benefits associated with each one. Some of the benefits are of a more worldly nature, others are of benefit in the next life, while yet others are especially beneficial for advancing oneself spiritually. In some cases precise formulas are given and in other cases, associations are more general for such things as eliminating anxiety, illness and poverty, warding off calamities, receiving protection from enemies, bringing back lost memory, becoming wealthy, leading a happy married life, being protected from straying from the right path, creating piety, forgiveness of sins, learning the secrets of nature and enlightening the heart and mind.

This book, and others like it, are available in the MARC Library.