The From the Roots of Abraham exhibition was inaugurated on September 13, 2014 with visitors from multiple faiths exploring the exhibition and taking part in an interfaith dinner. The exhibition is currently open for viewing whenever MARC is open.

This exhibition offers Jewish, Christian and Muslim men and women an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of one another’s faiths. By viewing exhibits that teach us about each other’s faith traditions and learning about the practices of our respective faiths, we hope to increase our understanding and respect for all the Abrahamic religions. Prophet Abraham championed the concept of monotheism and uniquely enjoys the unanimous admiration of the three major faith traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This consensus amongst faiths makes Prophet Abraham an interfaith icon and provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our commonalities. More than ever before, in these times of conflict and mistrust we must spare no effort in building positive relationships amongst all people. We hope that From the Roots of Abraham will provide beacons, as we navigate our modern societies in a sea of diversity that has brought many faiths, cultures and traditions together in our global village.

Some of the harmonizing themes highlighted in the exhibition include the shared belief in monotheism and angels, the common veneration of numerous Prophets and holy personages, virtues revered in all three religions, world cities that are important to the three faiths, places of worship and holy scriptures.

The exhibition was featured in a documentary on Ahlulbayt TV: From the Roots of Abraham – Interfaith Exhibition.

It was also featured in Islam Today magazine, issue 24, pages 34-35.

You can view images of the exhibition below:


Here are a series of videos filmed at MARC introducing the exhibition, and providing an overview/ walkthrough of it.